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The Detunized catalog has four main sections that offer sound libraries of various formats.

The Live Pack category lists all available Live Packs which are compatible with Ableton´s Live sequenzer, from version 8.4 (Suite) up to the most current release of version 9.
The Sound Libraries category lists all available libraries that are compiled of single WAV files. These files can be used in any current audio/video editing environment.
The Sampled Instruments category lists all libraries that contain sampler patches in these formats: SFZ, NKI, SXT, EXS, FXP. These patches instantly load in a vast variety of current software samplers where SFZ is the most versatile format that is supported by Ploque Sforzando, Camel Audio Alchemy, Cakewalk SFZ player, FL Studio Sampler and a lot more.
The NKI format is the standard for Native Instrument´s Kontakt sampler, SXT loads into Reason´s NN-XT sampler, EXS can be used in Logic´s EXS sampler and FXP does the job for Halion.

Each Detunized release has been carefully tested with the aforementioned software samplers. However, as there are so many samplers available I am not able to provide extensive testing for each individual software product. If you are not sure about the compatibility of your favorite sampler please have a look in the according documentation. You can also send me a message and I can help you with further tests or investigation.

All Detunized sound libraries are licensed to a single person exclusively. Whenever there is more than one user (in your company) that needs access to the sounds, then a multi-user license will be required. However, currently I don´t offer dedicated multi-user licenses but if you feel in the need to obtain such a license please get in touch with me and I´m sure I can put together a valuable package.

Yes and No.
You can do any purchase without an account. Once a purchase has been completed you will be redirected to a page that confirms your transaction and that gives you a list of download links for the current purchase. Additionally you will receive an email that also contains links to your downloads as well as a pdf-invoice.
Nevertheless I recommend to create a personal account as this gives you the possibility to keep track of your purchases and re-download them if necessary. If you create the account at a later point with an email address that was already used for your purchases then this email address will be assigned to your purchase history. You then will be sent a verification link upon registration.

You can create your personal account prior to any purchase but it is also possible to do it during checkout. In both cases you are requested to fill in some fields that ask for your email, name, address etc. I have reduced the number of fields as far as possible, those that are still marked mandatory are required by legal regulations.
If you have already decided to create an account you can do it here.

There´s a cart saving button on the checkout page available. Whenever a transaction is not entirely processed or you need a moment to think about your purchase decision you can save the current state of your cart and leave the site. When you come back at a later time you can then easily restore your previous cart from an additional link at the checkout page. However, a personal user account is required to use this feature!So don´t hesitate and activate your account.

Currently I don´t offer VAT exempt. Due to the current European regulations it is necessary to calculate the VAT of the customers country of origin. This procedure brings great benefit to the business customer. As the buyer pays the local VAT of the home country it is now easier to deduct it upon declaring taxes to local authorities. The purchase receipt and the pdf-invoice contain all required informations.

As for now Paypal is the preferred gateway through which all payments are processed. I will introduce other payment methods at a later time.

Over the years I could establish a number of good contacts to some respectable partners out there. They are re-selling various releases of the Detunized catalog and you are invited to pay them a visit.